Sunday, 12 August 2012

CraftyFolk Round Robin

Our lady has been on her travels again, this time for a stay with Jen of MissBohemia.  Jen very bravely started to tackle the background and the results are just beautiful:

In Jen's own words (from her blog)

'Instead of adding jewellery or accessories to the poster, I wanted to challenge myself and create something more art based.  I had originally planned to use ink pads and blending techniques to create a pink and blue background, but the shiny surface made me rethink that idea. I decided on watercolour paints and used a mix of pink and blue in varying shades, along with blending the colours together to create pinkish/blue highlights.  I added shimmery powders and a sprinkling of pink glitter to soften the background and add texture.  After using stamps to add vintage styled text, butterflies  and a swirl border,  my work was done. '

Isn't she looking wonderful? Keep popping back to see what has been added next....


Miss Bohemia said...

Thanks for the feature Dawn! She's is looking wonderful! Can't wait to see the next stage :-)


Whimsy Woo Designs said...

How beautiful she is looking! A real work of art!

Handmade Cuties said...

I'm loving it!