Monday, 16 July 2012

Inspired by CraftyFolk

Its been a while since our last post but we put that down to being so busy with all the new team activities.....well partly!

One activity has been a wonderful inspiration challenge suggested and organised by Sue of LynwoodCrafts. The idea was that those involved put forward an item to be used as an inspiration and we voted for our favourite. The winner was this beautiful Ipad Case by WhimsyWooDesigns:

Once the inspiration item was chosen, we all went on to produce items of our own based on the Ipad case, taking inspiration from the colours, feel or design. Here's the first few finished items, I'm sure you'll agree how amazing they are and how many different interpretations there were of one item:


Deborah Jones Jewelry 

Lillys Night Garden

Whimsy Woo Designs 

One Little Pug 

Heket Designs

Miss Bohemia

Frou Frou Felt

Amazing! The challenge isn't yet closed so watch this space for more fabulous interpretations.


Miss Bohemia said...

Gorgeous and inspiring creations from the Crafty Folk :-) Jen

quirkyhannah said...

Wow some really beautiful designs here :)

bluedaisyglass said...

These are inspirational. Well done on your creations.

Whimsy Woo Designs said...

Gosh! They all look so lovely don't they, grouped together like this!

I love them all.

Shirley x

Frou Frou Felt said...

Great to see all the items. Look forward to seeing the rest!

The Sewing Croft said...