Friday, 24 February 2012

Celebrating this week's featured artist Frou Frou Felt

Artist spotlight on Frou Frou Felt

Felted Scarf by Frou Frou Felt

As part of our weekly team treasury challenge, an amazing artist is featured each week in treasuries curated by different members of the team.  This week's artist is Karen of Frou Frou Felt!  Karen uses various felting techniques to create amazing and unique handmade designs which include bags, purses, wallets, brooches scarves and wall hangings.

We have lots of amazing treasuries featuring Frou Frou Felt designs, curated by our team members and they can be found here, but here are a few I would like to share with you today. Karen's work and the designs of lots of other amazing artists are included in these curated designs below!


lillysnightgarden said...

Beautiful treasuries for a beautiful shop! They all look absolutely stunning!

Frou Frou Felt said...

I've really loved being the randomly selected shop in the Craftyfolk Treasury Challenge - especially to be featured in such fantastic treasuries. It's been a real treat to see my work alongside some lovely finds. It always takes me ages to make a treasury - so thanks to all those who took part - very much appreciated.

Michelle said...

Absolutely gorgeous! stunning treasuries showcasing some of the best handcrafted goods around!

Michelle, C Shell Cards

Pam Southernwood said...

Brilliant treasuries!

Miss Bohemia said...

Karen has such a beautiful and unique shop and it's great to showcase her work and other amazing artists. I'm such a treasury addict :-)