Thursday, 29 December 2011

The return of the CraftyFolk BNS

After a little break for Christmas, the CraftyFolk BNS is back with a new link and featuring 16 gorgeous shops:

For anyone new to BNRs and BNSs, here's a little explanation of how a BNS (Buy and Stay) works...
  • There are 16 featured shops in a 'round'. Anyone who buys any item from one of the featured shops, gets a spot in the next 'round', hopefully for someone to buy from them.
  • Each 'round' stays open until all the spots for the next round are filled.
  • The minimum spend is $4 before shipping.
  • In the CraftyFolk BNS, there is also a 'raffle spot' - if you buy in for the next round, you also have a chance of winning a free spot in the round after that.
  • To buy in, make your selection from your chosen shop and complete the checkout. You will then need to find your 'transaction link' which shows you have made a purchase. You'll find this in YOUR ACCOUNT - PURCHASES. Click on the item and copy the website address (it will look something like this You then copy and paste this link into the comment boxes of the treasury and you're done! Someone will be along shortly to add your name to the list for the next round.
And that's it really. Its not for everyone but can help get exposure for your shop and also the chance of a sale or two! And even if you're not looking to buy, there's often people around chatting (particularly when a new round has started) so that is a nice side to it too.

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