Thursday, 29 December 2011

The return of the CraftyFolk BNS

After a little break for Christmas, the CraftyFolk BNS is back with a new link and featuring 16 gorgeous shops:

For anyone new to BNRs and BNSs, here's a little explanation of how a BNS (Buy and Stay) works...
  • There are 16 featured shops in a 'round'. Anyone who buys any item from one of the featured shops, gets a spot in the next 'round', hopefully for someone to buy from them.
  • Each 'round' stays open until all the spots for the next round are filled.
  • The minimum spend is $4 before shipping.
  • In the CraftyFolk BNS, there is also a 'raffle spot' - if you buy in for the next round, you also have a chance of winning a free spot in the round after that.
  • To buy in, make your selection from your chosen shop and complete the checkout. You will then need to find your 'transaction link' which shows you have made a purchase. You'll find this in YOUR ACCOUNT - PURCHASES. Click on the item and copy the website address (it will look something like this You then copy and paste this link into the comment boxes of the treasury and you're done! Someone will be along shortly to add your name to the list for the next round.
And that's it really. Its not for everyone but can help get exposure for your shop and also the chance of a sale or two! And even if you're not looking to buy, there's often people around chatting (particularly when a new round has started) so that is a nice side to it too.

CraftyFolk Mini Book Blog Giveway

It may not look like much at the moment, but this book will soon be filled with lots of little pieces of artwork/designs from members of the CraftyFolk Team...

Once filled, one lucky follower of the blog will win it! All you need to do to is follow the blog and keep popping back to see how its coming along. We will keep posting work-in progress pictures as it fills up.

(For more information on how team members can contribute, please see here)

Its sale time....

Its that time of year when traditionally the High Street shops have their sales and CraftyFolk shops are no different. Unfortunately we can't claim to have people queueing at 6am to get in but we have lots of bargains and the best bit is that its all handmade or vintage!

All of the shops below have sales or free P&P offers on at the moment (our apologies if we've missed anyone) so why not check them out if you have any Christmas money left?

Just click on the picture to be taken to the sellers shop:

1.Lillys Night Garden     2.Blue Forest Jewellery
3.Michelle's Handcrafted Jewellery    4.Artsy Treasures
5.Prauve31     6.Susie's Boxes
7.QueBellisima     8.The Crochet Loft
9.Stephanie Nicole     10.Natalia Lovat
11.Imogen's Imagination     12.BrossART Addiction
13.CraftyLittleKitten     14.Craft Unikat
15.Andrea Dawn     16.SmileyKit
17.Moody Cow Designs     18.Linden Tree Jewel Box
19.Blue Squirrel Glass     20.Monet's Precious Things
21.bluedaisyglass     22.Going Tribal

Some sales only lasting until the end of December so be quick!

Well done Moody Cow Designs!

Congratulations to Trish of Moody Cow Designs who was featured in the 'One Last Present' Etsy Newsletter a couple of days ago. It must be almost impossible to get spotted amongst the millions of items on Etsy but Moody Cow Designs managed it with a fantastic tissue cover.....

A much deserved feature we think! Here's some more items from Moody Cow Designs including the now-famous tissue cover. Just click on the picture for more information (go on, there's also a 25% Boxing Day sale on!):

Welcome to the CraftyFolk Blog!

Welcome to the brand new blog for the CraftyFolk Team on Etsy!

We're a fairly new team on Etsy (formed in September 2011) with around 250 members but growing fast. This blog is to showcase the work of some of our very talented members, let you know what we're up to and to announce a competition or challenge from time to time.

Its been relatively quiet over the last few days (can anyone guess why?) but everyone is slowly getting back into the swing of things after the festivities and we're starting to see some brand new items being listed already.

Here's just a selection of the most recent listings - just click on the picture to be taken to the seller's shop:

1.Gelert Design     2.Lillys Night Garden
3.Gimme That Thing     4.Lost Coast Arts
5.bluedaisyglass     6.Harmony 5

As you can see, we have a very wide variety of handmade items between us!